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      Seretha Willingham is the Founder and CEO of SJW Logistics, a Multimillion Dollar Third Party Logistics Company (3PL).  She currently owns a fleet of semi-trucks and leases a 22,000+ square foot warehouse located in Atlanta, Georgia!
     Seretha started with the purchase of one semi-truck and quickly learned the art of dispatching.  Then she used her knowledge to grow the SJW Logistics fleet to over 14 trucks, leased a warehouse and started offering order fulfillment services to become a multi-service 3PL. 
    What is really unique about Seretha's company is that it is able to store customer's product, transport it to distributors and ship individual consumer orders all under one invoice. No other company offers warehousing, e-fulfillment, and fleet services for small to medium businesses at an affordable price like SJW Logistics!

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